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If you are looking for information about our handmade plushies, this is the page for you! Please read on 🐸


ℹ️ FAQ for Greb Plushies! 

Where do Greb Plushies come from? 

All of our plushies are handmade by Greb!

Whats the difference between the plushies and the other merchandise🤔

The plushies are handmade by Greb, and shipped from his studio in the UK.
All of our other merchandise is created and shipped by our printing partners, Printful. They have printing facilities all over the world and can ship worldwide, Greb can ship to most countries but not the EU due to rules created by brexit!

I live in the EU, can I buy a handmade Greb plushie? 🤔

All of our other merchandise (shirts, hoodies, stickers, mugs etc) ships worldwide but unfortunately due to rules created by brexit I will no longer be able to ship plushies to countries in the EU!
I am really sorry to all of my European friends! 

Why am I being asked to pay extra fees? 🤔

Depending on where you live, different countries have certain import tax and duty fees, I can't do anything about this unfortunately, you will have to pay these in order to get your items! 

Do you do returns or exchanges? 🤔

Apologies, no returns or exchanges. 

Why is shipping for the plushies so expensive? 🤔

Greb is based in the UK and international shipping is very expensive!